Drill down report in SSRS

Okay I have two stored procs,

So I have two datsets in the report DataSet1 uses GetCustomers, DataSet2 uses GetOrders and has 1 parameter for the customer number.

I already have a grid layed out that displays all of the cusotmers exactly the way I want it, Now what I need is that when the user clicks on the customer from the screen It should open up a report with all of the customers orders.

When the user clicks it will need to pass the customer number that was clicked into the getOrders stored proc and then display all of the customers orders. I am not sure if this is setup as a seperate report or a sub report.

Please someone give me some guidence on how I would accomplish this.

thanks in advance...
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planoczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried making a sub-report for the click on customer?
The sub-report runs like a single report but uses the parameters from the main report.
talker2004Author Commented:
How do you tell the sub report to launch using the customerid as the parameter when the click on one of the customers in the table?
Right click on the Customer Id Textbox, and select properties.

You should see a navigation tab, on that tab select:
Jump to Report, the Report you want to jump to, and to the right you will be able to set the parameters for the new report.
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Here is a screenshot
Thanks almander,
I have not had time to get back answer to this one.
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