Weird Problem with Intranet


i have a real problem
i want to go to i have this error
This URLs or Page has been blocked.

when i go to it works
i can resolve the name ! ????

any idea

Victor CharpentierIt technicianAsked:
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Victor CharpentierConnect With a Mentor It technicianAuthor Commented:
it was an rv042 that blocked the incomming traffic !
Under "Internet options / Privacy tab / sites"
Do you have any URLs listed there?

Under "Internet Options / connections / LAN settings"
Are you set up to use a proxy server to access the internet?
Is it set to bypass for local addresses?
Victor CharpentierIt technicianAuthor Commented:
Nothing There !

and btw another citrix web load (we see the page is loading and then BANG
This URLs or Page has been blocked.

we are trying to access those page on another subnet (site to site via a rv042)

really weird ... and on another PC everything is working file !
Check if there is any static mapping records in the lmhosts.sam & hosts file in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

Do a ping to what does it resolve?
ipconfig /flushdns would help to clear up old dns cache

Do a nslookup to see if the dns server is working fine.
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