How to configure RV042 VPN Routing with Multiple Subnets

I have two Cisco/Linksys RV042 VPN routers connected by a Gateway to Gateway Tunnel over a T1. I would like to add a second internal subnet on each side but so far i have not been able to get the second subnet to route properly.

WAN IP = 216.x.x.x
LAN IP = -
    Add Subnet = -
WAN IP = 24.x.x.x
LAN IP = -
    Add Subnet = -

How can I get the the additional subnets to comunicate?
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luc_royConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Setup -> Network -> Lan Settings

You can add  as many subnets as you want.  I have7 networks on my and they all can ping each other and using the wan access to the internet
How about to add remote Subnet for remote VPN site?

If i go to my RV042-> VPN -> Edit my tunnel to remote site, for Remote Group Setup it has option to enter only single subnet.

Luc_roy: Setup -> Network -> Lan Settings  is for local LANs

Any suggestions?>
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