web services - how does a client talk to server and vice versa

trying to write a asp.net web service...

can I have a web service expert look at the link below...

trying to figure out how the client server would talk to each other...

using web services...if a user pushes a button on a asp.net page from the server..how can I get that to launch a function  on the client vb.net?

after pushing the button on the server asp.netpage ..can the code be selective as to which client it wants to kick off the function?  ie the user selects clienta instead of client b and the client b kicks the web service opens the vb.net...because of a page load ..once the vb.net app opens....it kicks the code off...to run its processess...
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Anil GolamariConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I am clear about your question regarding the button click events but I have paster few ways that communication takes place between client and server. If you asking how a function or a web service will be invoked on a button click, that happens when you call that perticular webservice or funtion on the button click event on code behind of the web page. If you want to know about the total page life cycle you can look at asp.net page life cycle where you can know about at what stage controls are loaded when the method are called when they are rendered etc.
GlobaLevelAuthor Commented:
Help ?
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