Ericsson SGSN DNS cache

I am looking to list the existing DNS cache on an Ericsson SGSN. I have checked the relevant Alex documentation which gives commands of the form get_dns, list_dns, but neither of these appear to provide the information. Can anyone help with this?
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columcusackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
rndc -c /tmp/DPE_SC/ApplicationData/dnsApp/rndc.conf flush

This will flush the cache

rndc -c /Core/DPE_root/SiteSpecificData/ApplicationSpecific/dnsApp/rndc.conf dumpdb

this will take a dump of the current cache then vi the file in that DIR and check your APN to see what it resolves to

To test DNS resolution from the command line on the DNS run this command

$ pwd
$ test_resolv  (hit enter)

Enter hostname or 'quit' to exit:
Official hostname:
        address: x.y.z
        address: a.b.c

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