Outlook login prompt

After demoting a DC on our network to a member server
Some users have been receiving an outlook login prompt when opening Outlook.
The DC that was demoted hosts our Exchange server.
Server in Question is Win Serv 2003, Exchange 2003.

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jos_lConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the other DC (I assume you have at least one ;) ) not having DNS or AD-troubles? Did you check the logs on that server?
cbsbutlerAuthor Commented:
Other users are reporting a long delay when opening Outlook too.
Gianpiero RossiSystem AdministratorCommented:
it seems there are some problem on contacting the DC.

try to check the following things
1) the dns of the clients point to the still alive DC
2) check the same for the exchange server
3) if you make some changes maybe u wil lhave to reboot the exchange server.
4) check in theactive directory users and computers if the users that have this problem are correct

let me know

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cbsbutlerAuthor Commented:
Logging onto the exchange server is taking ages.
I've tried removing an email profile on one machine and re-adding, but it can't seem to resolve the name.

Even though pinging the name of the exchange server resolves the correct IP.
try something simple like reboot your Primary Domain controller
Try to add the FQDN in the outlook-client (like: exchangeserver.business.local).

But it looks like a DNS-problem anyway!
cbsbutlerAuthor Commented:
When demoting the DC, DNS was removed.

I reinstalled and added the zones as secondary zones. But forgot to enable zone transfers from the new primary DC.
Have done so now, will leave it a while and see if this resolves the issues.

From outlook workstation
close outlook

start > run > outlook /rpcdiag
see connections monitor > is it trying to connect to the new DC or the old one ?

Run this from the DC it's trying to connect to.


extract to a folder
start > run > cmd
cd - to that folder

adfind -sc c:DC_NAME > c:\adfold-dc.txt
adfind -sc c:EXCHANGESERVER > c:\adfnew-dc.txt

please upload the results.
cbsbutlerAuthor Commented:
Your comment on checking the logs led me to an error.

Once resolved this resolved our issue.
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