Can You Provide Best Password Manager Software to Auto Populate/Type In Fields

I have a ton of different places where I have to enter my username and password. From login screens on the web to login screens with my company software to Cisco VPN software login box, etc, etc.

I have gotten so tired of having to login manually a million times each day. I would love to have some kind of password manager software that would AUTO TYPE OR POPULATE the username & password fields for me so i woudn't have to manualy enter them each time.

I have tried a few password managers in the past, but so far those I've tried have still require me to manually type in the username password. all they did was keep a databse of my username and password. I want more.

I used to have an IBM Thinkpad and it had an outstanding Password Manager that would auto type all fields. But I don't have it anymore.

I'm sure there is something out there that will allow this.

Please help!! see my different examples below. these are just a few of the many different places I have to login from.

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furball4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the suggestions here are on the right track, but a couple things to add:

1. Install the KeeForm plugin for KeePass. KeeForm makes the entry of authentication information completely automated - you don't have to click in a form field or hit the Auto Type button. You just double-click on the URL field of an item in the KeePass list view and the URL (or application - see #3 below) will pop up, credentials will be entered, and the authentication form submitted. It opens your browser if necessary to do this for you.

2. KeeForm is more secure against un-targeted attacks. It doesn't use the standard copy/paste function, and in one of its modes it even enters half of the password via one method and half via another. This is probably just simple obscurity, but is a defense against attacks not specifically targeting KeeForm.

3. Instead of launching your app and then firing up KeePass, keep KeePass up whenever you are at your workstation and launch apps directly from it. For example, I used this Override URL entry for opening MS Money:

    cmd://"{APPDIR}\KeeRun.exe" "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles\msmoney.exe" "Microsoft Money" "{USERNAME}" "{PASSWORD}" "{_PASSWORD_}{ENTER}" "Windows Live ID"

I can no longer explain every part of that string, but I don't recall it being hard to set up when I had the documentation in front of me. You should be able to get most apps functioning this way. Remember that you can enter arbitrary delays into the process as well. I have found KeeForm to be very smart most of the time. Only on a few unusual websites do I have to accomplish part of the authentication manually, or spend much time customizing the KeeForm process. Apps do take a bit more work.

Oh, and a general note: there is an app out there that conflicts with the MozRepl port 4242 that is used to link KeeForm to Firefox. It is the Juniper "Network Connect" SSL-based VPN program. Although I'm sure one or both apps can accept an alternative port in their configuration somewhere, I haven't found where that might be. Fortunately my need for the Juniper VPN was fleeting.
For rdp connection you can store username and password (without re-typing them) with this program: mremoteNG

I will also use Keepass for some web sites; it has Auto-Type function, you only need to put the focus on username field on the browser, before choosing Auto-type from the menu of Keepass
I agree, Keepas is the best password software out there and you have a portable version
Just add a TrueCrypt storage and then u are secure two times :-)
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matrix0511Author Commented:
But guys, even with Keepas you still have to manually pullup the app each time and click in the username filed and go back into the app again and click "auto-type" right? That's too much work to have to do each time you login.

I might be better off just typing in the username and password manually after doing all that.

there's got to be something out there that will allow you to just pull up the web page and then username/password fields auto fill dynamically.
this is what u can do
(with webpages you can use the built in password manager in opera, chrome, firefox, etc)
matrix0511Author Commented:
Menteabieta, I read that article. But still not sure exactly how to set this up to auto type the ID/password for me. Can you provide the specific steps for me please?

matrix0511Author Commented:
Ok. I figured it out. However, with RDP, I have to connect to Windows 2000 servers and I have tried mRemoteNG just few mins ago but it doesn't auto login for windows 2000 servers. Is mRemoteNG not able to auto login W2K??
Very strange that mRemoteNG doesn't work for you. Did you choose the RDP protocol and inserted username and password in the property fields? Does it work dor windows 2003 servers and above, in your situation?
matrix0511Author Commented:
@ furball4, can you tell me where to go to get that plug in for Kee Pass?

And once I install it, your saying I will be able to configure it so that it "auto-populates" without having to do anything with Kee Pass? Like click in the field or click hot keys, etc?
furball4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
KeeForm's own website:

KeeForm entry on KeePass plugins page:

Yes, it will auto-fill and submit your login forms on virtually all web pages if you launch the link via KeePass (double-clicking the item's URL in the list view). If you just go to a Firefox bookmark it will not trigger the KeeForm functionality, at least not in my setup. I think you might be able to accomplish even that with the Firefox add-on KeeFox:

I tried KeeFox for a while but stopped using it. There wasn't anything truly wrong with it, but I did think that it required a lot of menubar space for its buttons. One nice feature is that it automatically adds entries for new sites and it uses each site's favicon in its lists. When utilized in this way it completely replaces the built-in Firefox password manager. I'm keeping my eyes on it for the future, but it may be exactly what you are looking for right now.

In summary: install KeeForm and KeeFox, play with all of their options, and if you can't find a solution that pleases you then you might have to settle for something less (or continue looking elsewhere). If you don't use Firefox there might be something similar for IE, but I wouldn't know about it personally.
Just to update this discussion - as much as I have loved KeePass and as flexible as it has proven to be, I recently moved to LastPass and am a total convert. It is implemented as a browser plugin with online backup of your passwords, but all that is done in a manner that, if implemented as they state, does not expose your passwords to their company. The passwords are only ever unencrypted on your local machine. It has even better auto-login capabilities out of the box than KeePass, strong management tools, and even sharing of passwords with other LastPass users. Very nifty.
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