Dual Monitor Citrix issue, Can't keep Citrix IE6 Maximized on second screen

I have a user who has a dual monitor setup.  She logs into the citrix client.  She then opens the app which runs within IE6 from the server.  I move the open IE window to the second screen and maximize it as the user requests and this window will stay maximized from now on.  But within the open program running in that window the user has to "view" information and when she clicks the "view' button another IE window opens.  Here lies my issue, I cannot make this window open maximized to the second monitor only, it wants to open to both screens.  And when I do resize it and maximize it on the second screen.  When the users goes to look at another information using the same "view" button, the previous screen closes and a new one opens with the same issue.  

Is there anyway around this or something I am missing that would fix it?
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check the screen resolution on the  client end. right click desktop, go to resolution select the resolution on the second monitor.
It could depend on a couple of things. What version of Web Interface and Xenapp are you using?
Have you adjusted the dual monitor hook in the registry?
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