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Citrix Error: Socket Operation on Non-socket

Hello ,

I upgraded to XenApp 5.0 Feature Pack 3, AMC, CSG, WI and I can browse site internally and open a application, but from outside I sometimes get a Socket Operation on Non-socket. It's not all the time and happens alot during a wireless connection. I did some research and found a fix that states I need to locate and modify default.ica and add CGPAddress= under application and I still get same error. It comes and goes so it's hard to pinpoint the cause. I've tried to install differant client ica versions, but same error. Can anyone help me figure this out?  

ICA Override File
; Add ICA file settings that you want to be sent to client devices
; to this file.  Settings contained in this file override any
; settings generated by Web Interface.  This file is only used when
; no bandwidth profile is selected.  When a bandwidth profile is
; selected bandwidth_xxx.ica is used.



WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0





Jaime Campos
Jaime Campos
1 Solution
Some settings to do with wireless internet. Please check if this gives a clue:

Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Not sure, but I think I am not using a proxy server, s those steps are a little difficult to understand. I am not sure

This very weird and I can not seem to figure out what is going on with my Citrix connections. Some will be able to connect successfully wirelessly and others are not. Same goes with hard wired connection, so it's not just wireless, which I found our over the weekend. These are the things I noticed on my logs:

Website takes long to load site.

When it finally loads it sometimes gives socet error, but not all the time, so it's very difficult to troublshoot. When I look at the error logs in Secure Gate I get these errors;

[error] SSL Library Error 47 on Citrix.myrapadocs.com:443 with peer An unclassified SSL network error occurred. (error code: error:140760FC:lib(20):func(118):reason(252))

I checked the Secure gateway settings and all seems to be good, here are my settings.

Version = 3.2.0

Computer NetBIOS Name: WINCITRIX03
Configuration captured on: 8/30/2010 11:48:24 AM

Secure Gateway Global Settings
  Version = 3.2.0
  Product secured = Citrix XenApp only
  Logging level =  2 (Warning, errors and fatal events)
  Client connection timeout =  100 seconds
  Maximum concurrent connections =  250
  Certificate FQDN = Citrix.myrapadocs.com


  All interfaces ( : 443)
    Protocol = TLSv1
    Cipher suites = ALL
    Secured = Yes
    HTTP = No
    ICA = Yes
    SOCKS = Yes
    Gateway Client = No
    LoadBalancerIPs = None defined

Web Interface
  FQDN = localhost
  Port = 81
  Secured = No
  Protocol = TLSv1
  Cipher suites = ALL
  Access mode = Indirect
  Tested OK

Authority Servers

  ID = STA362CE7A8D924
    FQDN = win08citrix.rapa.local
    Port = 8080
    Path = /Scripts/CtxSTA.dll
    Type = STA
    Secured = No
    Protocol = TLSv1
    Cipher suites = ALL
    Tested OK

Certificate Check
  FQDN = Citrix.myrapadocs.com
  This certificate is currently valid.



I have a feeling it's something to do with my IIS and/or CSG. I'd like to know the process from when a client hits URL to Citrix to when a application comes up.

From what I understand is that the first thing hit is the URL located on godaddys website which has my A records pointing to external public IP address which then sends to my WI server. From that point on I have no clue, can someone please help me troublshoot this issue?


Jaime Campos
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