Cannot Use Citrix Receiver to connect Android Phone to Citrix Xen App Applications

When I try to connect to the Citrix server with this Android phone it prompts for a password but then says:

Application Unavailable
The requested application is not available at this time.
Retry Cancel

I can connect to a different Citrix server with this phone without an issue. I had a similar problem to this previously that was addressed in this thread:

My problem now is that I just setup another Citrix server using an evaluation copy of Xenapp Fundamentals. I am able to connect from a desktop to the web interface of it without a problem. I even created the pnagent site under the web interface. I don't know where to go with this from here. Any help that I could get would be greatly appreciated.
Rob SandersAsked:
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Rob SandersConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up resolving this issue by using an evaluation version of Xenapp Advanced 5.
Go through this article and check if u meet all requirements for the device to connect to Citrix:
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
I believe my configuration meets all of those requirements.
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