CSS / DIV issue

I'm having some DIV issues with my CSS. Please help.

Here's an example of what my page is supposed to look like: http://thinkingdavis.com/review/NFFR/index.html
Note the 3 green boxes across the bottom -- each is a DIV with a background image and a DIV with text floating above it.

Now look at this page: http://thinkingdavis.com/review/NFFR-CMS/index.php
This version incorporates some changes I had to make to get my CMS to work. I needed to change each of those green boxes so that there's an image placed in the DIV (rather than utilizing a background image), then the DIV with text floating above that. This is where my stacking is messing up -- see attached screen shots.

Any help is greatly appreciated. This is what the 3 green boxes are supposed to look like. This is my latest file. Note the DIV with the text is breaking.
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NetExpert-WarszawaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The last thing, make images absolute positioned (it made much more sense for them to be a background).
First of all, you do not want position absolute for featureBoxes
Next, you have changed align="right" to style="float: right" for div containing boxes 2 and 3. Align is not nice, but this is what you have got in the original design.
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