How to restart TFTP service on CME 8


Can you please tell me the command for restarting the TFTP service on a Cisco Call Manager Express 8 voice router? I need the command line option please.

I am tryign to connect Cisco Phoen Designer to the CCMCIP service but I am getting an error, Cisco support recommended restarting this service.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Bottom line is that Phone Designer application is simply not supported with Call Manager Express. Period.

It does not matter how you restart tftp service. The only clear way to do that is to reboot the router.

In Call Manager, you do have to restart the tftp service. In services, select the tftp service and hit the restart button.
I assume that there was a mis-communication with Cisco support regarding the version of Call Manager being used.
Here are the instructions to set up Call Manger for Phone Designer. Note that *none* of these instructions pertain to or translate over to Call Manager Express
There is no feature to 'restart tftp' service on CME.
Phone Designer is simply not supported with CME
adter doing some research I do not think you can start or stop TFTP on the router.  Are you sure they did not think you were using Cisco's PC pased TFTP server?

Have you restarted your router?  That would restart it.

What error are you getting?
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Alex BaharCommented:
Enter the tftp server command with "no" to stop tftp service for the specific file. Then start again. For example>
no tftp server flash:[firmware filename]
tftp server flash:[firmware filename]
That will just remove the availability of that file to the TFTP service not restart the TFTP server.
Alex BaharCommented:
I think my answer is not very clear to everbody. Although I think it is simple and straightforward. Everybody knows that Unix operating system restarts the services the same way using shell scripts> stop then start. On IOS, tftp service is started with the "tftp server" command, and it is stopped using the "no tftp server". That's what a restart is.
If there is a better of way restarting the tftp server, I like to hear it.
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