C++ and VFW : how to use a ffdshow codec ?

Hello, my program currently create a avi file using AVIFileOpen.
By using AVISaveOptions I can show a dialog to select ffdshow and configure it to use a specific codec like mjpg.
The problem is than I don't want to use this dialog, the codec I want to use is MJPG, the problem is than
if I use fccHandler=mmioFOURCC('m', 'j', 'p', 'g'); it can't create the video

It works with xvid but mjpg seems to be usable only with ffdshow...
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ffdshow has these predefined (see http://red5cpp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ffdshow/ffdshow_mediaguids.h), so why not using 'FOURCC_MJPG' directly?
Greg2FSAuthor Commented:
Because I get the error AVIERR_NOCOMPRESSOR
Greg2FSAuthor Commented:
I thought it was not possible to use directly mjpg codec but I just have a problem with it on my pc...
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