Need to backup/recover data from a corrupted system...

Hello Experts,

I have a situation were my client has a Windows XP system which keeps rebooting.  Further investigation, the system is reporting a BSOD C000021A.

Before I can go tearing into trouble shooting his system/disk, I need a 'file oriented' backup of his system; something like NTBackup so that he can pull off any files that he may need in the future.  I made a disk image of the C:\ drive (The only disk on the system)  using Clonezilla, but the resulting files from Clonezilla are not conducive to restoring files on a an 'as needed' basis like NTBackup is.
  . I have a 1TB External USB HDD connected to the problem system.

Because of the 'death loop' of booting, BSOD and restarting, I can not log into the system; NONE of the Safe Mode options work.  I can boot BartPE CD and my client has NTBackup.exe located in the 'C:\Windows\System32\' directory, but running NTBackup from the BartPE environment, something is hanging and it will not allow me to select the USB External device.  At this point, I would like to try and use NTBackup from the Command Line, which it appears I can do, but I need a 'Rosetta Stone' to translate the internet articles that I have found; they all seem to deal with tape and not with a USB External device.

Does any one have any experience in using NTBackup from the Command Line backing up an entire C: disk to an external USB HDD?

Does any one know of any 'bootable' tools/utlities that will allow me to boot from a CD and perform a backup to an external USB HDD?

Inquiring minds need to know....
rojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAsked:
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi there

the easiest way is to connect the original hard drive to some other machine, either by usb or internally... then just copy/ntbackup

or, from your bartPE you could use xcopy in a command prompt:

xcopy d: e: /c /h /o /m /p /y

where d: = the original, and e: = the destination.  
chompy says to keep going if errors, get everything, yeah do it and dont bother us about it
B HCommented:
hang on chompy might not be best, use this:

xcopy d: e: /c /h /e /f /s /y
rojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Bryon,

Wow, no moss grows under your feet that is for sure  :)

Just after sending my 'help' request to EE, I thought of xcopy and did the following:
       Xcopy c: d: /E /V /H

Not sure if this will do the complete trick as I am only looking for this data files and possibly the Registry, just in case.  So, how does 'EVH' measure up, I have enough space on the USB Exteneral to do another backup using the 'CHEFSY' path.  

My plan was after using Xcopy to collect all of the files, to then take the External USB drive to one of my lab systems and use NTBackUp to make one file - One way or another, by golly, I am going to use NTBackUp tonight even if it kills me  :)

Nice to see that my idea was on track.  Let me know what you think about the 'EVH' and if I should run another Xcopy, it is late and I can launch it to run through the night.

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B HCommented:
EVH is ok

the added CHFSY does:

C = keeps going if an error happens
H = gets hidden + system files
F = just shows path\file while copying
S = gets all non-empty directories
Y = don't ask if source exists, just overwrite it

i think without H you didnt get the registry, which is:
- software
- system
- security and sam, while not registry can be useful

c:\docume~1\usernames\ ntuser.dat's

... among other hidden/system files that may be useful
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you only want the data, you can copy that when booted from BartPe, or another live cd.
to make an image backup, that can be used to extract files, i recommend Acronis True image :
rojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Nobus and Bryon,

Thank you for hanging in here with me.  

The Xcopy was going well, but the complete progress ended with an error message 'insufficient memory'.  I am guessing that some buffer limit was reached - This system has 1GB of RAM.  I did a 'dir /s' and noted that this system has 82457 files and only 36862 is being Xcopy'ed to the external USB drive.  

Any suggestions?
  . I plan to break up the Xcopy process into 'major directories' and do one major directory at a time, separately, to see if things go better.
  . In the mean time I am created another system disk so that I can boot it and treat the target disk as a 'D' drive and see if I can get all of the data that way.

Nobus, I looked at Acronis and it may work for me.  There is a 'trail' version which I will download and test.  I want to finishing testing these next two Action Items first.

ok - post results!
B HCommented:
did you use that /c  option?  /c keeps going if errors are there

you might want to copy what you can, then do a chkdsk /f /r  to check for disk/file problems and attempt fixing them

djones05System AdministratorCommented:
you can also use [Admin Edit]. it has a live Mini XP and several utilities you can use for backup and disk clone.

good luck!
that cd is ILLEGAL and can't be used here !
djones05System AdministratorCommented:
oh...sorry...i thought that was okay because it's available in the web without any crack...would not recommend it further...

no problem - but your comment will de deleted if the mods see it
Maybe you can Redo it's running from CD.

With this program you can copy what ever file you want to any external media that is connected to the PC. It's using a GUI so it's more easier.

Hopes that his will help.
rojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Everyone,

First, THANK YOU for all your suggestions.

Second, I am sorry for the delay in updating this issue.

I was not able to over come the 'insufficient memory' error when using the Bart's WinPE CD (I hope that Bart's CD is OK to reference in EE) and I was running out of time.  So, what I ended up doing was buying a new SATA disk (I needed one for my lab anyway) and installing Windows XP SP2 on to it.  Lucky for me the Mother Board had two SATA Disk Ports and I was able to boot a Windows XP environment from my newly installed Windows XP and with my clients 'old' system disk in the second SATA port, I was able to run NTBackup to cover ALL of his data.  I took this path because my client had all of his application installation CD and only needed his 'My Documents' for his main user and the 'data files' from this applications (Turbo Tax and Quicken).

Again thank you for our suggestions and for your support.


rojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Excellent support, which was also very fast in responding to my request for help.
tx for feedback; and Bart's WinPE CD  is legal - no problem!
All -
I deleted a reference to a certain well-known CD
It contains pirated (stolen) applications and we do not allow any reference to it on our forum.

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