Dreamweaver FTP test okay but cannot put or get files

I am using Dreamweaver CS3. When I put or get files I receive the following alert message. "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host. Your login or password is incorrect. Please, check your connection information."

When I go to manage sites and choose "Remote Info", I click the Test button next to the Login configuration. Dreamweaver connects to my remote site and displays the following message. "Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 connected to your Web server successfully."

Why do I get an error putting and getting files?
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tonygallo10Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I created a new site definition using DW Manage Sites. All of the settings are the same as original, but I used 'New' rather than 'Copy' to create the site. I needed to acknowledge a warning from DW that "The root folder you have chosen is the same as the folder for site .... This may cause some operations, such as synchronization, to work incorrectly" I chose to proceed anyway. The get an put DW functions are working with the new site definition.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi tonygallo10,

Test the FTP connection by using a different program to transfer a file.  I recommend FileZilla (http://filezilla-project.org/)

If you can transfer files with FileZilla, then it may be a very rare interaction with DW and your server.  If FileZilla can't transfer files, it usually means the FTP account has insufficient permissions in the folder you are trying to transfer from/to.
Dis you check "Use passive FTP" In your Site settings for FTP?
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Also there can be problem with your "upload directory" in FTP. Some web hosts tell you that you need to place your web pages in a folder called "www". Others require you to place them in a "public_html" directory. If your web host tells you to simply upload the files when you connect via FTP, leave the box blank. Check your documentation. So when you test connection it's OK, but when you try to upload files you don't have permission to upload into directory you connect to. So you can use FileZilla as jason1178 suggest and take a look at your web site folders and then try to set your upload dir in Site settings. I also had problems with some FTP when I try to upload Design notes, and Chek in Check out enabled.
tonygallo10Author Commented:
I have been using FileZilla successfully ever since the problem started. In Dreamweaver using <Ctrl+Shift+U> is much more efficient for making repetitive changes to PHP code. Here is an additional piece of information to help troubleshoot. There are several other web sites hosted on the same server. I can put and get files from these virtual sites with no error. Only this one site is preventing Dreamweaver get and put file transfer. The site settings in DW are the same for all virtual web sites. I am not using passive FTP. jason1178, do you know the cause of this rare interaction? Is there a cache someplace that I can flush?
Adobe mention that there can be problem if you use any special characters in you folder names...

This is from adobe troubleshooting

Create a new site definition and transfer new files

A useful troubleshooting step is to create a new Dreamweaver site definition, and work with a new file in the new site definition. Setup the Local Root Folder for the site definition to be the root of your hard disk (e.g. C:\). This will ensure that there are no spaces or special characters in the path to the local root folder. It will also test for a corrupt site definition or files. When following the steps above, Macintosh users may also want to trash their Dreamweaver Preferences file and make sure the name of their hard disk contains no special characters. For more information see How to define a site in Dreamweaver (TechNote tn_14028).

Recreate the site cache

If a new file works in a new site, try recreating the Dreamweaver site cache in the old site and see if the problem persists: Site > Advanced > Recreate Site Cache. This step is only available if the site was defined to use a site cache. For more information on the site cache, see How does the site cache work? (TechNote tn_16794).

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