Shedule a windows task for last day of every month


Is it possible to a shedule a task so that it runs on the last day of every month?

I cannot figure out how to do it.

I am runing windows 2003 server.
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Dan560Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I actually figured out how to do it through Sheduled Tasks


Code: schtasks /create /tn "My App" /tr c:\apps\myapp.exe /sc monthly /mo lastday /m *

Have you tried. windows scheduler
Start -> Run -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduler
Dan560Author Commented:
Yes sorry I am running windows scheduler, i just cannot find the option to run the task on the last day of every month.
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Create a batch job and uses the windows scheduler to launch this batch job every month. on the last day
Dan560Author Commented:
My question is asking how I set the job to run at the last day of every month.

I cannot see this option.
the monthly option..
create 3 schedule.
1) for every month that has 31st
2) for every month that has 30
3) for the month of feb
Task scheduler doesn't have a real setting for 'last day of the month' as you may have gathered.

Hydrokid's solution will work, but February's a bastard, isn't it? You need to schedule ahead for a few years, unless "the day before the last day of the month" is good enough every 4 years.

Another option is to schedule a simple VB script to run daily. Have the script figure out if it's the last day of the month and if so, have it kick off the actual command.

Example script is attached. If you need help with the commandline, please provide the needed command.
Commandline = """C:\Program Files\My Scheduled\Program.exe"" -a 1"

If Month(Now()+1) > Month(Now()) Or Year(Now()+1) > Year(Now()) Then
 returncode = CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run(Commandline)
End If
WScript.Quit returncode

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