I Got Into a Classic Mac vs PC Argument...........

Posted on 2010-08-29
Last Modified: 2012-06-22
I am a PC guy, always will be, period. I got into a classic MAC vs PC argument the other day with a co-worker and he pulls out his Mac Book Pro. Of course I then pull out my Sony Vaio VPC111FX notebook and proceed to show him how my Blu-Ray Rom, Core i7, NVIDIA GEFORCE 310M, 8GB DDR3, towered over the hardware in his Mac book Pro and how the best part is that I paid $500 dollars less for my machine than he did for his. The one thing he got me on was battery life. His machine performed well better than any PC I have ever seen in this arena. I think he said he got 8 to 10 hours on a charge. The one gripe I have always had with PC laptops is the short battery life. Why is it that CrApple can offer such good battery life in their full-size notebooks and PCs can only offer comparable battery life in Netbooks? Also, if there is a battery that can offer extended life, where can I get one for my Vaio?
Question by:BoxunloX
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Lee W, MVP earned 42 total points
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Battery life is typically VERY dependent on the processor used as well as other features.  POWERFUL laptops typically have POOR batteries.  WEAK laptops (like netbooks) can last HOURS (my Toshiba NB305 lasts about 10 hours).

Frankly, if they have a Mac Book Pro and you have a system with an i7, you can't compare them.  They are very, VERY different - forget the OS.

Worrying about comparing your battery is like worrying about the gas mileage of your large luxury car compared to his motorcycle.  Yes, they're both motor vehicles that use gas, but that's pretty much where the comparison ends
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by:Lee W, MVP
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It also depends on the size of the battery - there are some Dell systems that can get 7-9 hours on a full extended life battery... and I'm sure HP, Acer, and others have similar models.
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by:Lee W, MVP
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Of course, it depends on how you use it... and if you replace the internal drive with a lower power SSD, you can extend that life as well.
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generally, the spec of a comparable MAC is lower than its PC counterpart. This is partly due to hardware design, partly to OS and also contributed by how much unnecessary rubbish OSs like windows perform.

Macs rarely have AV, spyware and firewalls running all the time, and usually do not have anywhere near as many silly services which do things we dont care about (security centre, network awareness etc...)

In all, the speed of the system and the amount of work they have to do makes a massive difference to the battery life.
Additionally, MACs are designed and produced with specific hardware and systems which are tightly controlled.
PCs are a mismash of different parts for a variety of different manufacturers.
A MAC is designed to work as a single unit instead of a collection of parts and is often designed with efficiency in mind.

In the end, a MAC tends to have a lower spec than its PC counterpart, but is generally better designed.

for proof of this, run windows on MAC hardware and it runs like a dog. Run MAC os on a PC and it runs lightening fast as the hardware is so much more capable.
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You can't compare sony laptops with any good quality laptops. Don't look at the CPU, Graphics card and things like that, those things are not dependent on the make of the laptop. Look at quality and after sales support. On that sony will loose all the time by lengths compared to any other laptop manufacturer. Sony should never have started building PC's.

Apart from that some of the newer Asus, HP, and I think also Lenovo Laptops (not netbooks) have batteries that last up 12 hours. With Asus it is mainly the "UL" series that have very long lasting battery life.
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by:Lee W, MVP
ID: 33554522
Funny - the first thought that came to mind as reading the question was "well, you both overpaid for the hardware"

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I've owned HP laptops, Toshiba laptops, and Alienware laptops, and I support many models of laptops at work. I have owned Sony laptops for years and have never had a problem with any of their machines or with customer service....As a matter of fact I've never had to call support for a Vaio.....The Mac Book Pro in question has a Corei5.....not much difference there in power consumption from a Core least not 6 hours difference in battery life...

Rindl, congrats. You are the first person I have ever heard say that Sony builds crappy laptops. I'm curious as to what you use?
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by:Lee W, MVP
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I've been saying it for years.  Ever since it took us a month to convince sony that they had to take the laptop back and repair it - and once they did, it took a month to get it back... 2 months because sony's support was hideous.  Not to mention their practice of giving you a 90 day warranty if you don't register (well, that WAS their policy... one hopes they've changed it).  Contrast that with Dell support who we'd call and in 24 hours (72 if it were a friday) the problem was resolved.
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I used IBM, Dell, HP and Asus, all of which were good (The Asus was the best). Acer is probably even worse than sony, but at least their price won't make you expect too much from them.

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