Filtration of Activities in MS-CRM

When i filter activities using criteria due Next 7 days,MS-CRM should give activities only for next seven days but it gives activities in which due date is not set and activities which are not falling within the criteria, (ie) open activities which has no due date and in which due date is completed but still the status open  Have i gone anywhere wrong, how should i set filtration criteria so that i will get activities only which are due for next 7 days.
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Jeff WightConnect With a Mentor Business Solutions ManagerCommented:
Did you try the criteria I posted using advanced find?  Did you get your desired result?
Jeff WightBusiness Solutions ManagerCommented:
This should do it:

Activity Status Equals "Open"
Due Date Contains Data
Due Date in next 7 days

If this doesn't work, what version of MS CRM are you using?
PrasadSKLNAuthor Commented:
Version 4.0
PrasadSKLNAuthor Commented:
Yes in advanced find it works
PrasadSKLNAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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