SQL Server: Correct SQL statement (run from within Delphi


Can anybody tell me why this query won't execute?
Error: Paramater Datum1 not found.
Database: SQL Server 2008 Express R2

When I try to compose the SQL in a view in Management Studio, it give an message the parameters are not allowed in this type of query.
With Query1 do
    SQL.Add('SELECT MedewerkerID, DatePart(dw,Agenda.Start) AS Dagnr, DATENAME( dw, Agenda.Start) As Dag ');
    SQL.Add(', (CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), Agenda.Start, 108) ' + QuotedStr('-') + ' CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), Agenda.Einde, 108)) AS Tijden ');
    SQL.Add(', Agenda.Koptekst AS Onderwerp, Agenda.Locatie, (Sum(DateDiff(n, Agenda.Start, Agenda.Einde)) / 60) AS Uren ');
    SQL.Add('FROM Agenda ');
    SQL.Add('WHERE ((Agenda.Start) >= :Datum1) ');
    SQL.Add('  AND ((Agenda.Start) <  :Datum2) ');
    SQL.Add('GROUP BY MedewerkerID, Dagnr, Tijden, Agenda.Koptekst, Agenda.Locatie ');
    SQL.Add('ORDER BY MedewerkerID, Dagnr, Tijden ');
    Parameters.ParamByName('Datum1').DataType := ftDate;
    Parameters.ParamByName('Datum1').Value    := vMaandag;
    Parameters.ParamByName('Datum2').DataType := ftDate;
    Parameters.ParamByName('Datum2').Value    := IncDay(vMaandag,7);

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Stef MerlijnDeveloperAsked:
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Geert GConnect With a Mentor Oracle dbaCommented:
this is your error:
' + QuotedStr('-') + '

i tried to change to sql.text :=  and found it:

   ' (CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), Agenda.Start, 108) + ' + QuotedStr('-') + ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), Agenda.Einde, 108)) AS Tijden ');
you need to create your parameters first like this:
with Query1.Parameters.Add do
  DataType := ftDate;
  Value    := vMaandag;
  Name := 'Datum1';

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Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
All other query's are setup like this.
So I think it must be something else.
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
with ado you need to add the parameters yourself
in the designer this is done for you, in code ... not
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Tried it anyway, just to be certain, but I produces the same error.
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
ADO will automatically add the parameters if they are used in the query.
You don't have to assign these manually in the object inspector.
Also you should add the paramerters before setting the query string, as it starts binding automatically.
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you Geert.
That was it. Strange errormessage though.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
sometimes developers are very good at finding the holes in the parsing of the select statements

usually i write my statements in 1 string
this lets the query parse the statement only once
i try to find afound adding quotedstr too (even for fixed strings)
(and have to make the exception for status strings, because of squeued loads)

first write the sql statement on its own

then i past it in toad (i'm on oracle), and this has a very neat tool
Make code statement (Ctlr-M) (reverse works too)

SQL := 'SELECT MedewerkerID, DatePart(dw,Agenda.Start) AS Dagnr, DATENAME( dw, Agenda.Start) As Dag, ' +
       '    (CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), Agenda.Start, 108) + :separ + CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), Agenda.Einde, 108)) AS Tijden, ' +
       '    Agenda.Koptekst AS Onderwerp, Agenda.Locatie, (Sum(DateDiff(n, Agenda.Start, Agenda.Einde)) / 60) AS Uren ' +
       'FROM Agenda  ' +
       'WHERE Agenda.Start >= :Datum1  ' +
       '  AND Agenda.Start < :Datum2 ' +
       'GROUP BY MedewerkerID, Dagnr, Tijden, Agenda.Koptekst, Agenda.Locatie  ' +
       'ORDER BY MedewerkerID, Dagnr, Tijden  ' ;

the reverse didn't work for your statement, so i found the problem rather quickly :)
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
There was some other thing wrong. Though the SQL ran in SQL Server it stil produced the same error in Delphi. It turned out that the TADOquery didn't have a TConnection attached to it (still the error on parameter).
Attaching the Connetion did the trick completely.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
i nearly said sql server is for dummies ...
but it's actually the other way around sql server was done by dummies :)
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
As long as we know that, it's still a great product :-)
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
i better nog get into discussion about that

it's not bad,
now and then when i have to try some complex queries on sql server
and then i really miss the analytical functions of oracle

you can't do analytical functions using a specific number or records on sql server
like an
avg(new_salary-old_salary) over (partition MederwerkId order by MedewerkerId, datefield range between 5 preceding and current row)

there is no range between functionality
and no lead and lag (not in an easy anyway)
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