undeliverable (DSN) messages not arriving


In our Exchange2k7-Outlook environment : Whenever we send a mail out to let's say "userdoesnotexist@somedomain.com" we do not receive the "user does not exist" DSN return message.

When I use message tracking on our Edge server it shows a record with the following :

Eventid : DSN
SourceContext : Failure
MessageSubject : undeliverable *subjecthere*

Why does it say Failure ? I have no idea where to look next.
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vindenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem solved : On the edge server I noticed using Get-TransportCopy that under the parameter "GenerateCopyofDSNFor" the value 5.1.1 was not present (in other words no NDR messages were generated for "user unknown" situations).

is there a spam filter stopping the nda responses getting in?
vindenAuthor Commented:
On our HUB server we have :
-Exchange builtin antispam options enabled (I see no traces of blocked msgs in postmaster mailbox)
-Forefront Server Security (this generally only blocks foul language etc. and shows no traces of blocked NDRs)
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Is there a tick in allow non-delivery reports?
vindenAuthor Commented:
jessmca : I think you're talking exchange 2003.
I checked Exchn 2007 > Organization Conf > Hub Transport > Remote Domains > Default properties and there all the NDR options are ticked.
vindenAuthor Commented:
Ok...here's a screenshot in hope someone might still shed some light on this :

The screen is the message tracking window on our Edge server.
You'll see that the undeliverable messages are disapearing in some black hole.
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