Acer Altos EasyStore Update Question

I have a base model Altos EasyStore 1Tb, bought in November 2007, which works well, but my storage needs have outgrown the unit. I'd like to upgrade it by buying four bigger hard drives and moving the data onto the new array (I have a 1Tb external drive to help with this).

The EasyStore products currently available on '' look as though they've changed appearance a bit since I bought mine. They're listed as 2 drive units (whereas mine has 4 hard drives) and the largest capacity listed is 1.5Tb (i.e. 2 * 750Gb). I'd like to know the maximum drive size I can put in my system.

There's a good deal on 1Tb drives at the moment that would enable me to upgrade the unit to 4Tb of storage, assuming the drives are compatible. 1.5Tb drives are also available, which would take the storage to 6Tb.

Does anyone know whether there are any limitations, either in the firmware or any other aspect of the unit that would place a maximum capacity on how far I can upgrade the storage?  (Needless to say, I posed this question at the Acer support site some time ago and I'm still waiting for an answer).

Thank you, in anticipation,

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi SteveTetch, Looks like you have been abandoned, I'll throw some ideas for you
can this assist you, with changing times you may need look into other server storage, most of these products have the faq and system requirements available

The AR380 F1 is a high-performance, dual-socket server delivering excellent availability, expansion capability, and flexibility in a space-saving design.
Up to 12 TB SATA (16 x 500 GB 2.5" hot-pluggable HDDs)
Up to 4.8 TB SAS (16 x 300 GB 2.5" hot-pluggable HDDs)
Up to 1.024 TB SSD (16 x 64 GB 2.5" hot-pluggable SDDs)
2.5" SAS 15K RPM HDD capacity: 73/146 GB
2.5" SAS 10K RPM HDD capacity: 146/300 GB
 2.5" SATA 10K RPM HDD capacity: 150/300 GB
2.5" SATA 7,200 RPM HDD capacity: 500 GB
2.5" SLC SSD x25-E: 32/64 GB

Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage AMS2100
with the ability to scale capacity to 236 TB, performance to 400K IOPS and connectivity to 512 virtual server ports.
Please click on See Products, it's a huge url;jsessionid=EF79BF9A827160EDCAC221F302D49639.public_a_14c?LanguageISOCtxParam=en&rcond5e.c2att92=913&inu49e.current.c2att92=913&link=ln314e&CountryISOCtxParam=AU&kcond47e.c2att92=913&rcond159e.att21k=1&kcond48e.c2att101=62686&rcond190e.att21k=1&acond23=AU&rcond4e.att21k=1&sp=page17e&rcond157e.c2att92=913&ctx1g.c2att92=913&rcond42e.att21k=1&kcond50e.c2att92=913&rcond45e.att21k=1&rcond158e.c2att1=92&ctx2.c2att1=92&inu53e.current.c2att92=913&rcond38e.c2att1=92&var13e=AU&rcond44e.c2att1=92&rcond186e.c2att92=913&rcond3e.c2att1=92&rcond28e.attN2B2F2EEF=3312&rcond189e.c2att1=92&ctx1.att21k=1&CRC=252589903

SteveTetchAuthor Commented:
Sorry I took so long to get back.  Thanks for your suggestions, Merete, but they seem a bit too highly specced for my use.  It looks as though I've drawn a blank with upgrading my present unit in any meaningful way (although I'm tempted to buy a 1Tb disk, stick it in and see if the array accepts it).

If that fails, I'll scope a more modest machine - 4 to 6 Tb should keep me going for another 5 years, I'm sure - and, when it arrives and is commissioned, I'll bang out the existing machine on eBay to recoup some of the outlay for the new box.

I'm still disappointed with Acer's (lack of) response, but I'll probably still evaluate their products when I'm speccing a new one as they keep getting respectable reviews.

Thanks again for your time, Merete,

SteveTetchAuthor Commented:
While clear and well-researched, the replacement units suggested by Merete were a little too highly specced for my use.
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