How do I list devices on Exchange Push email?

We have push email set up at work.  Exchange 2003 backend on our LAN, exchange 2007 front end in a dmz.

I can access the mobile admin and manage a device if I know who it belongs to.  Is there a way I can get a list of all devices that are partnered with Exchange for push email?
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endital1097Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use the export-activesynclog cmdlet to export the iis logs to get a list of users and devices
EricSimonsAuthor Commented:

Can you give me some direction in how to use this?  I'm not an exchange admin by any means.

this cmdlet will export the log into several csv files
there is a users.csv file that is created that shows all users and the device they connected with
EricSimonsAuthor Commented:
I wasn't able to run that on command line tool on our Exchange 2003, but I believe this may be because it was an upgrade from NT.  That was before my time so I can't verify that.

However, it did get me thinking.  I was able to cat, find, sort, on some log files and come up with the unique logins.
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