2007 microsoft outlook template


I would like to create a template and call it, eithter choosing it or with a custom buttom.
The template willl be the information for a conference call, so with one click i can add this message to the bosy of me email and send it out.
How do i create this template?
How do i call it from a buttom?

please advise
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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Take a look here...

How to create a Outlook template - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/258256

How to create Outlook button - http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/howdoi/?p=146

Hope this helps~!
Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
titorober23Author Commented:
What is the command to open a form, i mean, i already created the template, the bottom, but now i need to assign code to the bottom to open the form.

please advise
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