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I will be deploying terminal server 2008 in the very near future.  I know that I need to get a volume license for all of the clients that will be connecting to the TS and using the office suite.  My question is do I have to license the Office Suite for the local Office install as well or can I just use one license since the user will either be using the office suite locally or when connected to the TS but never at the same time.  Also, this is my first terminal server deployment and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find information about how Outlook works in a TS environment.  Will the users be able to get their e-mail in Outlook while connected to a TS session?
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Microsoft's desktop applications are licensed strictly "Per Device" accessing the software at *any* time (*not* concurrently).
Clients with a local Office installed can use the local Office license *only* if the edition, language, and version on the desktop are the same as on the terminal server.
The licensing is described in detail, including examples, in this document:

From the FAQ in this document:
Q: How do the license terms for Microsoft applications (e.g., the Volume Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR)) address use in a Terminal Services environment (where the application runs on the server and not on the client desktop)?
A: Microsoft licenses its desktop applications, like Microsoft Office, on a per-device basis. Device-based licensing means a license must be obtained for each desktop on or from which the product is used or accessed. You may not share a license for the product with another desktop or assign it to different desktops. Therefore, in a Terminal Services environment, you must acquire a license for all desktops that access the product running on the server. Note: With the 2007 release, generally only licenses obtained through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program can be deployed to a network server for remote access.

So all clients that have the *exact* *same* Office version installed you're using on the terminal server (note that OEM/Retail licenses are NOT the same as VL licenses!) should be licensed okay when accessing the terminal server.
For any thin clients, Linux based clients, private/home office machines, whatever, you'll need an additional Office license.
Outlook basically works like a locally installed; of course users will be able to access their email and/or the Exchange server.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
There has been a change to Microsoft Office (as well as Project and Visio) licensing effective the 7/1/2010 product use rights (PUR) allowing users who have Software Assurance (SA) on these products to be able to take advantage of "Roaming Use Rights".

Basically if you're licensed for Office and carry Software Assurance on Office then you can use other "qualified third party devices" to access the licensed product running within your datacenter.

In plain English, if you have SA on Office than a user who is accessing the same edition of Office on your Citrix server from their home computer (or hotel computer, etc) does not need to also have a license for that device.

Check out the July 2010 PUR for further details:
Just wanted to post and concur with obda's answer...

Terminal Server licensing for Office products is different than full retail licenses and thus you must have one license per device that could potentially access Office from a terminal server.  Tony1044 is also correct in stating that the full retail license offers each licensed user with office installed locally on the workstation at the office to also have a license to install on a laptop but not in a terminal server environment.
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