Entourage 2008 Crashes Frequently on a MacBook That Was Just Reloaded (Clean Install of Everything)

I support a Mac running running Snow Leapord 10.6 and MS Mac Office 2008.  I just performed a complete reload of the Mac on Friday which included a clean install of the OS, Office, and all updates.  Nothing was migrated over so Entourage was allowed to resync to create a clean database.  The user of the Mac tells me that Entourage crashes at least twice every day.  Any ideas why this is happening?  He synchronizes one Exchange and two Gmail accounts, all of which are fairly large.  I have seen mention in other posts about corrupted emails causing Entourage to crash, but how do I determine which messages are corrupted?
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woolnoirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Might be worth getting the user to keep a note regarding what actions he was taking immediatly prior to a crash ...without more info its very difficult to diagnose, but an actions/effect comparison from the user would help a lot....
I would start by enable logging for Entourage.


Also, if you're running A/V like McAfee that you have put in all the on-access scan exclusions so it doesn't snag your Entourage database.
DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
Those instructions are for Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition.  Does the standard version have a logging option?
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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like logging is an option for the DAV version of Entourage.


Would you be able to upgrade to the EWS version of Entourage (assuming you are running Exchange 2007 or 2010) ?  If not I would recommend following the steps outlined here to repair the database and possibly to create a new identity.

DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
I am running Exchange 2003 so Entourage Web Services edition is not an option for me.

The identity and database was recreated when I reinstalled the software on Friday (complete reload of the laptop) and it started crashing that night.

Is there a way to check for corrupted messages in a mailbox?  As stated, he is synchronizing exchange (3GB mailbox), and two gmail accounts one of which has 3,500 messages in the inbox alone.  This may have something to do with the problem but this is the owner of the company so I need to know for sure before telling him he needs to delete messages to reduce his mailbox size.
MONSTA2008Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no easy way to check for corrupted messages unfortunately.  The best way is to disable the preview pane, stop auto send/receive schedule and then scroll through the folders looking for a malformed message or obvious spam that you can delete.
DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
I am splitting the points since there really is no easy answer for this.
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