PPTP VN with Cisco 837 ADSL router

Anyone have experience  with PPTP VPN terminated in Cisco ADSL Router 837.
Give me the exact feature IOS set needed.
Please help
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are some pitfalls including some retail (home routers) have issues with pptp. The home router must have VPN passthrough to include GRE (protocol 47)

anishpeterAuthor Commented:
Hi.. Arnold,
Ok.  Now I understand only cisco 857 avilable.  Any configuration experience for this?
The examples above provide you with detailed explanation.  Could you explain what is the issue you are having? i.e. you configured the PPTP and the client connects but has problems accessing the Internet?
This deals with a PPTP connection having the option to use the PPTP connection as the default gateway.  removing this check would only send traffic destined to the LAN behind the Cisco while all other traffic will be sent through the local Internet connection.
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anishpeterAuthor Commented:
I have yet to purchaise the router.
Has confusion in Loobback interface configuration and unnumberd interface. Is this same for 857 series or VLAN interface has to be configurared or external ATM interface has to be used for unnumbered interface. Please clarify.

I do not understand what you are asking?
You can find many configuration examples on cisco's site www.cisco.com
as well as using your favorite search engine.
ATM has to be used for the DSL connection configuration.

You could check with the dealer through whom you are planning to buy to make sure the equipment you are buying meets your needs/operations.

VLAN has a conflicting response.
anishpeterAuthor Commented:
Hi.. Arnold,
The link  you provided, http://www.ifm.net.nz/cookbooks/827_fw_pptp_nz.html   is very good configuration, but is for 837 routers.
In that configuration, have lines like this
 interface Loopback0
 ip address
  and this interface used as unnumbered interface as per line below

interface Virtual-Template1
                      ip unnumbered Loopback0
                      peer default ip address pool pptp

But I dont think, new routers like 857 has different configution using VLAN interface.   I was asking, whether you have any idea bout the same for cisco 857
Have you checked with those from whom you are planning on purchasing the device whether it can do what you need?

You are asking a question without providing what your needs are.
The 837 has subinterfaces.

anishpeterAuthor Commented:
I accept the solution you provided the second reply.  Thanks for the reply.
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