fixing variable names in code as per coding standard


We have fairly large piece of code developed over past several months. We have now realized that naming convention of variables is not following the standards. As the code is quiet huge we are trying to understand how to go about expediting this fixing of variables names as per coding standards.

Please suggest what is the best way to address this problem. Are there any third party tools available which can assist in this.

We are using Visual Studio 2008 and coding langauge is C#.

Thanks for your help
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systanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>I did not understand how change of font and color
The quickiest way to fix your problem is to change the font and color, that enables you to look-out directly the changes you wanted too.

Goto your VS Menu, at the [menu]s, you will find Tools[menu], at Tools[menu], you will find Options[at the bottom of menu], then if you find it, goto Environment, Fonts and Colors, then maximize your adjustment to see directly your look-outs to be changed.

In the Font and Color, you will find to change the size of the string, number, comment, etc.,...

>>without spending lot of time.
You have to spend a time for that, have fun in changing,  first thing? follow my suggestions.
The first thing to do is to change color and font size, it can be found at Tools menu, Options, Environment, Fonts and Colors, then maximize your adjustment.
Alok-AgarwalAuthor Commented:

Sorry, I did not understand how change of font and color can fix my variable name. e.g. if I wanted my integer variable should have started with int but by mistake I have not started any of my integer variables with int then how do I go about changing all my int variables to start with int without spending lot of time. As I said I have thousands and thousands of lines of code and fixing each of these manually is now going to eat lot of time, which I cannot afford.
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You could use FxCop to identify deviations. Its free and its from Microsoft.
You can configure this tool to accept your own standards if they should be that different. The default is MS standard which - at least I think - is quite good.

Read more here:
FxCop has nothing to do with the problem.
Naman GoelSoftware engineer 1Commented:
You can use Code Rush and Refactor Pro tool,
Its too good and this will help.
Gururaj BadamCommented:
The best of my knowledge where you want to clean up such things I suggest you to use StyleCop/FxCop (Free from MS) to identify files/classes where's the discrepancy and then you can use some 3rd Party Tools like Resharper (Not free) do rename the variables. Resharper is intelligent enough to update all the Usages of the variables.

VS too can rename the Refactor -> Rename (or F2) but it's not efficient.
FxCop is a solution to find all variables with bad names systan. I dont know what color changes should help me if I dont know where to look at all?

There is a free express edition of Resharper available, both for VS 2008 and VS 2010. But normally the VS refactoring is sufficient.
Naman GoelSoftware engineer 1Commented:
FX Cop is best tool but You can use Code Rush and Refactor Pro tool are too good and handy..
Fx Cop is free & do right things according to you as you want....
You can make ur own rules..
So it is easy & effective.
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