Untangle Site to Site VPN

I have setup a site to site VPN using 2 untangle boxes.

Site 1 - Server (In Router Mode) - Static IP Address

Site 2 - Client (In Router Mode) - Static IP Addess

I can ping the from Site 1 to Site 2, and from Site 2 to Site 1.

Here is the problems:

1. I can't see computers under "Network" in explorer

2. I access network file shares.

I have rebooted both sides. I add DNS Exports to the server for both sides. Is this the correct thing to do?

I am letting untangle do the DNS. Do I need to flush DNS on every computer?

Help! Thanks Guy!

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Your NETBIOS info may not be getting through ( non routable )
Is DNS set up properly, WINS ?

I hope this helps !
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