Macbook + VPN + Shoretel

I have a user who works from home to our using a macbook pro.  She connects to our network via a Sonicwall SSL VPN ( the client is called NetExtender ).  This works fine.  My company uses a Shoretel phone system ( VOIP ).  It does include softphone licenses.  The softphones work fine with Shoretel Personal Call Manager installed on a Windows 7 laptop.  However, Shoretel does not support Mac.  However, I have read that some have been able to work around this scenario by creating a virtual XP machine on the mac.  I have done this and the PCM client works fine when she is in the office.  The PCM client does not work when her macbook is connected via the NetExtender VPN client.

Has anyone had any success in this scenario ?  
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried running the netextender client within the parallels XP session on the Mac?
PCannonAuthor Commented:
This situation has now been resolved.
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