Windows 2003 Server, Active Partition

I dropped a couple new 1 TB SATA drives on the server, set them up w/ RAID 1 using the BIOS, and formatted them using Disk Management.  I also marked them as "Active" which I now believe may have been a mistake.  (See image.)  If it is a mistake, how do I remove the "Active" status?  Delete the partition and rebuild it?  
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Da_PirateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes there is a Mistake

you Active partition that must be active is (c) that contain the System
1- Reactivate the Partition C: ----> Rclick on C: then choose ----> mark as active . ( when you do that the new volume will deactivated automaticlly ) .

2- If you want to delete the new partition or fromat it ( Rclick on the partition then choose ----> delete )
you will have unlookated space after this then you could repartition it .
when you reformate ( choose the Extended partition then Logical partition if you don't want the new partition to contain the system or the log on files )
I mean if you want it to be just slave like D:
befriendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before doing any thing just check that C: drive of Disk-0 if there is mark patition is Active is enable click on it. if not its mean ur active partion of disk-0 is still C.
Da_PirateConnect With a Mentor Commented:

how his C: is still active don't you see the image ????
the only active here is F: as you can see
if c: is active you would find ( Active ) beside the partition
seems like the problem is solved please replay and close the topic and assign the points
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