HTML emails are received as Plain texts email on exchange 2007


We have a website which sends us customers' orders as HTML emails. Some of the emails are received properly and the others are received as plai text emails with HTML links. we host our exchange 2007 server on a SBS 2008. Please find attached an email sample. hope you can help HTML email broken HTML Email
Abbas HaidarSenior Infrastructure ManagerAsked:
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Abbas HaidarConnect With a Mentor Senior Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys,

the client had AVG installed on one of his laptops and it was deleting HTML attachment, removed AVG everything worked fine, thanks for your help
In my experience you won't get a surefire fix for this.  The problem lies in the client and server combination, not in any single item.

Depending on how the sending and receiving mail servers handle the mail, the header that defines the format will determine how the client works, and the client itself may not display the output correctly because Outlook 2007 uses Word as its HTML engine and previous mail clients use Internet Explorer.  

Whatever you try you won't get a consistent response.

Using Adobe pdfs is a poor substitute, but it works.
Abbas HaidarSenior Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
we are using outlook 2010 on another machine with the same problem, would that make any difference?
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computerdoctorserviceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook 2010 also uses Word as its html engine.  You generally don't get consistency in any event.

For instance, HTML emails composed in Raw html and sent from php mailers to a range of users all using the same version of Outlook can get different results because the routes have come through different mail servers.  I have had a scenario where I sent mail from my own outlook 2007, through exchange 2003 server, via my ISP's mail server to an exchange 2007 server (which was the MX server for the target domain) and this sent out to a range of Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007 clients and remote email addresses (i.e. back over the internet).  The result was that with the 2007 clients, all were OK, with 2003 all but one were OK and with 2000, some were OK and some were not.  

I am sure there is a consistent way but that would require everyone to have the same sending program, excxhange server, internet mail server and email client, which is kind of impossible if you use the internet.
If you are running exchange 2007 SP1, then this might be applicable to you.
Abbas HaidarSenior Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
SunnyC7, which value shall I use?

computerdoctorservice, thanks for your replies... I strongly believe in them :D
sunnyc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
<add key="ByteEncoderTypeFor7BitCharsets" value="1" />

Before you change it
Go here
c:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin

Take a backup of this file into a \backup directory

start > run > notepad

Drag and drop this file into notepad >EdgeTransport.exe.config

check if there is any entry for
<add key="ByteEncoderTypeFor7BitCharsets" value="1" />

you can ctrl+F and search for ByteEncoderTypeFor7BitCharsets

Only if it's not there then make those changes.

Abbas HaidarSenior Infrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
this is the solution "he client had AVG installed on one of his laptops and it was deleting HTML attachment, removed AVG everything worked fine, thanks for your help"
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