Certificate Authority - Extending the Validity Period of a pre-installed CA

I am currently running Windows SBS 2008 (not that I can percieve its that much different from 2003) and the Certificate Authority is already installed on it with the default 5 year validity period.

I would like to extend the validity period for the ROOT CA as high as it will go, but because it is already installed I cannot appear to do this by the wizard, and the certreq utility isn't the most friendly of commands.

How can I extend the validity period of the ROOT CA, and also increase the exipiry periods of all of the certifcates it will issue?

Thanks x
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DanMarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe you need to revoke and recreate the certificate in order to extend it.
Have a look if a renewal in the "Fix my network" wizard works otherwise try editing the capolicy.inf file and adjusting validity periods.
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sterlingdevAuthor Commented:
I know I would need to revoke and recreate the root CA, but when you do it just sticks to the same 5 year default. Is there a way of changing it?
Hi, the other option I mentioned was "editing the capolicy.inf file and adjusting validity periods" - you may have success with this.
sterlingdevAuthor Commented:
Capolicy.inf does not exist.
sterlingdevAuthor Commented:
Thank you, yes this seems to work, by creating the CAPolicy.INF file and saving it into the root of the WINDOWS directory with the following contents...


I have regenerated the CA Root cert and now has an expiry of 2109!

This didin't work for me.  Must I restart any service?
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