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Intel Pro/wireless ABG 3945 not getting ip adress.

Im having trouble. I have a latitude 420 from Dell. Inside theres a Intel Pro/wireless ABG 3945 card. Now this nasty little bugger is causing me to get gray hair.
I'm running xp-pro sp2 right this instance, have tried sp3 and fully updated made no diffrence.
The problem is the card can "see" all the wireless AP's around, no problem. But when i try to connect to one, i get into trouble. It wont get the IP adress, unless i set it up myself.
I need it to find it by itself.
Any good ideas on what to do?
I have so far tried the following.
Power settings on wireless, different drivers, different managers(windows/software), different windows installations incl. diffrent service packs ets., different levels og updates.
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1 Solution
You aren't specific about what drivers you have tried.  

Try in this order:

dell driver specified for d420 with 3945
Intel driver from intel's site

Also, have you tried to connect to an access point with no security?  It might be an issue with WEP/WPA
DANCARGOAuthor Commented:
Sry about that.
I wasnt specific because i have tried them all, atleast i think i have. I have raided both Dell and Intel for every single driver, new and old and have tried all those. I even tried drivers not for the specific model.
About the WEP/WPA i just tried it on a HTC mobile hotspot with security. and it worked fine there. So now im guessing its the AP thats configured wrong.
Leads me to next question, what can go wrong there? i have other computers online on that AP, that has no problems connecting, ofcause they all run windows 7 rather than xp.
Any ideas on how to proceed from here?
Its possible that you are using WPA mode that is not supported (you didn't specify what type of encryption)

(you might want to set it for aes and tkip)

What model router and firmware?  

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Is this problem specific to this client or are other client having the same problem?
If they experience the same problems it might by the wireless side. If not obvious the client.

Can you run a packet capture using Wireshark on the client and set the display filter to bootp? What you should see is:
* DHCP dicover
* DHCP offer
* DHCP request
* DHCP ack

Whereby discover and request are sent by the client and the offer and ack by the DHCP server.

Check http://wiki.wireshark.org/DHCP for more troublehooting tips using Wireshark.
DANCARGOAuthor Commented:
I have tried the wireshark program, which i have never used before. What i got was
dhcp - request
dhcp - NAK
dhcp - Discover
then NAK
discover. etc. etc.

I hope this means something to you guys.

Also tried all the difrent sec. settings now, with now luck.
DANCARGOAuthor Commented:
Have now located the problem. An i feel a bit silly about it. It turns out i had alocated all posible ip-adresses with unlimited timer on them. So the problem turned out to be, there wasnt any ip adresses left to choose for the wireless card.

To quote a famous tv-character; " DOH "

thanks for all the help guys, its not completely wasted.. I mean i learned alot from it. :)
DANCARGOAuthor Commented:
Found the solution in my own hardware.

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