Help in customizing MS Access 2007 Template

I am not very good with access but I need help in customizing a template that I downloaded from Microsoft. I want to change few of the column's header name and add another column. Please see image.
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karephreConnect With a Mentor IT Specialist (Server Management)Commented:
click on design view. there you can change the name and data type
Tony HungateConnect With a Mentor Director of TrainingCommented:
Just FYI justmiracle78,

After you make the changes to your tables you will have to go to each form that those fields reside on and make the appropriate changes there as well.  Otherwise user will think that they are inputting different information.

justmiracle78Author Commented:
I feel so stupid, I was doing that earlier but it was giving me an error. But I finally realized what the error was about. It's because I had it opened. So I was not able to customize.

I want to know how can create a splash page and assign password?

Tony HungateDirector of TrainingCommented:
That is a little more involved.  Also, the rules via EE will not allow you to ask multipule questions in one thread.  Please open a  new question regarding a password proteced splash form, and I would be more than happy to help you out.

karephreIT Specialist (Server Management)Commented:
also close this one if you questions was answered.
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