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I am wondering if anyone has practical experience with Microsoft system center essentials. I am planning a patch managemnt method but don't know what is the best startegy. It's impossible for me to select and approve updates from thousands of updates that it already downloaded.
There is another option to let system essentials approve updates by itself and deploy them , but what is the advantage in this case ? just saving bandwidth ? It's still risky to let it install the updates's like using windows update.
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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
for me, well if this is a small environment then I will vote to not use essentials/WSUS for server patch management, I will vote for manual review and install.

if this is large environment, then I will vote not to use automatic update deployment.
akhalighiAuthor Commented:
hmm .. so for both enviornment you vote a manual approval. ?
akhalighiAuthor Commented:
Not enough , I ended up discussing this in Technet.
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