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Hello, I am looking to Move or ditch our Citrix Secure Gateway Secure Ticket Authority server. how can i move what it does to another server or just remove it all together and not have a STA?
we are running Citrix P.S. 4.5
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best Practice is to not have the Presentation Server component installed on a Web Interface server.

I would recommend, if you have the Windows licenses, to create a new PS4.5 VM, make it a dedicate zone data collector and point your CSG and WI to that server for primary STA and XML Broker and another PS4.5 server as a backup.  If you have the licenses and VMware host resources, make a 2nd PS4.5 VM to act as the backup ZDC/STA/XML server.

If you go this route, anytime you apply updates to your Citrix servers, the primary ZDC gets updated first, the backup gets updated 2nd and then your other servers.  Also, it is recommended practice that you only manage your farm from the 2 data collectors, preferably the primary.

Citrix Technology Professional
You need an STA, the Citrix Presentation Servers themselves act as STAs so you can just point CSG to another one and see if it works. In large farms you might even want a dedicated STA but in a small to medium one it is not really necessary.
Carl WebsterCommented:
All PS 4.5 servers are STA servers.  Remove your current one from CSG and add another.  It is that simple.

The STA you using in CSG should match what you have in Web Interface.  If they don't, you will get a Protocol Driver Error when users attempt to connect to and run applications.
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tfsaccountAuthor Commented:
OK, we have a total of 7 servers in our farm. With the STA just some old server along with the CSG on another server not doing anything but that.
Where would i do the redirecting?
Carl WebsterCommented:
Citrix best practice is to use your Zone Data Collector as your XML Broker as your STA server.  Usually the ZDC is a dedicated PS4.5 server that has no applications installed.
tfsaccountAuthor Commented:
We have the WI on a server that doesn't have any published apps. would that be a good server to choose or should i build its own server? easy for us to do we run VMware. i don't' want to import this server if i don't have to.
tfsaccountAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the insight. I will attempt to create the new server tomorrow.
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