Deploying my winform 2003 URGENT

Hi Experts,

I need to know how to deploy my finished 2003 application. it accesses resources from a folder c:\resource... I would like to know how to pack it all up and burn to CD/DVD, so, when the CD/DVD is inserted, it extracts the app to C:\Program files and also extracts resources folder to c:\resources.

Can this be done from visual studio 2003 or do I need a 3rd party tool?

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khairilConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Visual Studio do have it own VS Installer, but I rather not using it. Unless you are using click once or merge module project.

You can try using SSE Setup, it is free and far more easier than VS Installer to use. Plus it come with auto update.

RobertoFreemanoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys,

Let me check.

RobertoFreemanoAuthor Commented:
Thanks ;)
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