Windows XP SP3 Wireless Connection

Is there more to enabling wireless connections then enablish Wireless Zero Configuration service? I have performed some service disabling among other things like (powertoys tweakui/ccleaner startup removal/ccleaner registry cleaner)lately in attempt to take off some load of a older notebook laptop (hp dv133se if it matters).

Having done that I have no difficulties connecting via ethernet cable, yet I get no wireless connections found. I have another laptop which hasnt undrgone any of the service disabling and wireless connections are indeed present in the area.

Wireless Connection button is lit as in ON
Windows is set to handle Wireless Connections
Driver is installed and reinstalled with no luck.
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Anti-MhzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
more specifically it was one of these services:
Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, COM+ Event System, Cryptographic Services, and Event Log

i suspect event log
1) Make sure that you have a copy of your wireless device driver handy
2) Open Device Manager and delete the wireless device
3) Reboot your machine and allow the device to reinstall (providing the aforementioned driver if needed).
I would check closely for a physical switch somewhere on the laptop for turning the radio on and off. I tried to look it up for you but couldn't find that model.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Also having trouble tracing the model number but if this really is an old machine does it use a .11b protocol and your wireless system is mixed .11G/N?
Also check the driver doesn't install a specific utility to manage wireless that requires WZC service to be disabled handing control to the utility and not Windows to manage.
Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
model number provided is wrong: it should be HP dv1331se

in fact there are some utilities provided by HP for wireless configurations but I chose not to install them. Maybe Il connecting via something other then windows WZC

Don't think this machine supports N, but it should do G and B just fine

Also it just hit me that my wireless card might not be neccessary Intel (There are options besides Intel at the manufacturer site), even thou it should be with laptop being Centrino and all...
It looks like the wireless switch is just above the keyboard on the right.
Also, I agree with Anti-Mhz and would go into add/remove programs and uninstall any software related to the wireless adapter.
Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
setting services required for windows automatic updates back to "automatic" startup got wireless working again.
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