I am writing a script for rh4.8 and I need to know commands that will tell me about the box

Posted on 2010-08-31
Last Modified: 2012-05-10
I need to store information for rebuilt, recovery & moveing systems.

We are on a closed network so we can not add software, just scripts.

see if you can spot any good stuff I have missed.

#! /bin/bash




#       The purpose of this function it to recive a shell command string (SS)

#       Echo a begin marker with hostanme and (SS)

#       Echo the results of (SS)

#       Echo a stop marker just like the start marker

#       except the start marker has "b" and the end has "e"



# clear out old output.txt

echo > ${output}

function doo(){

echo "tqf####~"$hostname"~${1}~b~####" >> ${output}

echo  >> ${output}

${1}  >> ${output}

echo  >> ${output}

echo "tqf####~"$hostname"~${1}~e~####" >> ${output}

echo  >> ${output}


doo "/bin/df"

doo "/bin/netstat"

doo "/bin/ps"

doo "/bin/uname"

doo "/sbin/arp"

doo "/sbin/chkconfig --list"

doo "/sbin/ifconfig"

doo "/sbin/sysctl"

doo "/usr/bin/ipcs"

doo "/usr/bin/uptime"

doo "cat /etc/auto.master"

doo "cat /etc/efs.conf"

doo "cat /etc/exports"

doo "cat /etc/fstab"

doo "cat /etc/hosts"

doo "cat /etc/nsswitch.conf"

doo "cat /etc/ntp.conf"

doo "cat /etc/passwd"

doo "cat /etc/redhat-release"

doo "cat /etc/resolv.conf"

doo "cat /etc/services"

doo "cat /etc/sudoers"

doo "cat /etc/sysconfig/network"

doo "cat /etc/sysctl.conf"

doo "cat /etc/xinetd.conf"

doo "cat /proc/cpuinfo"

doo "chkconfig --list"

doo "crontab -l"

doo "df -k"

doo "domainname"

doo "ifconfig -a"

doo "ls -d"

doo "ls -l"

doo "mount"

doo "netstat -a"

doo "netstat -an"

doo "netstat -ng"

doo "netstat -tnlupan"

doo "ps -ef"

doo "ps -ef"

doo "rpm -qa"

doo "top -n1"

doo "uname -a"

doo "uname -r"

doo "uname"

doo "vmstat"

doo "ypwhich -m"

doo "yum list installed"

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Question by:TIMFOX123
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ID: 33572878
Try Sydi

It will make your job bit easier
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Accepted Solution

santoshmotwani earned 167 total points
ID: 33572917
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ID: 33573547
Can you add a satellite server?

You would then be able to bring software for update or configure a new system with the matching packages.
netstat -a and netstat -an merely will indicate what connections exist at the time of the run.

Are these systems monitored via SNMP?
You could use that by setting up an OID that will run a specific command to generate output.

You are running commands that deals with a snapshot of what is running on the system.

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Author Comment

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Can I add a satalite server ?

Good idea howver I can not and also this is a windows/linux/solaris solution.

I can run scripts on all the above.

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Assisted Solution

jools earned 167 total points
ID: 33577429
for some hardware information:

Firewall stuff:
iptables -vL

Prolly loads more too!
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Assisted Solution

arnold earned 166 total points
ID: 33579068
Are these systems monitored via SNMP or nagios?
rpm -qa will take a snapshot of installed packages and their versions.

The other alternative is to actually setup a backup server

instead of running mount, cat /etc/fstab

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