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Cisco 1721 upgrade to 10Mb Fiber and Amazon VPC

I have a bit of a newb double question on routers which are related.

We're in the process of upgrading our current T1 to a 10 Mb fiber.  From the research that I've done, it looks like I can still buy the WIC-1ENET and MOD1700-VPN cards.  Before I spend the money I want to be sure it can handle a VPN connection to Amazon's VPC and the upgrade to 10Mb fiber.  It looks like the WIC-1ENET can support a 10Mb Ethernet.  

1)  Can anyone confirm if the 1721 VPN is capable of connecting to Amazon's AWS VPC?  
2)  Or if there is a more appropriate product for our network?  Of course, we are hoping to limit costs.

I've noticed that some of the routers include Fiber support (I don't believe the 1721 does?), but is there that much benefit to cutting out the Ethernet/Fiber media converter?  

Locally we have 3 - 24 port and 1 - 16 port, unmanaged Linksys switches (4124, 4116, 3124), connected to the Cisco 1721 with a Watchguard e550 in the middle.  Watchguard also has VPN capabilities but can not handle the BGP routing over a VPN interface, so it'll have to be the router that connects to AWS VPC.  The AWS documentation provides configuration examples for Cisco and Juniper, but I would imagine other's work as well.

During the upgrade to fiber, I'd like to support both connections simultaneously with the T1 in a fail-over capacity, though I could be talked out of this.
2 Solutions
Matt VCommented:

The exact througput of a 860MPC based (1721) Cisco router is based on  a number of factors.  Type of encryption/encapsulation, version of  code, etc.
3DES  IPSec router to router "in the lab" with 1400 byte packets came out to  be 8Mb I believe.  If your network isn't "in the lab" you can expect  less (probably much less) than that.

From: https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/236990

Considering this, you may want to look at an 1800 or even 2800 series to make sure you can actually get 10Mbps through the router.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

forget 1721 it is a weak router for your scenario, please refer the attachment!

Best regards,

And this file shows perfs for just CEF routing, with VPN (if used), you don't have hardware encryption in 1721 router, you will get 1 or 2 Mbps max with CPU at 100%.
I strongly advise 2821 or 1941 as minimum router.

augercastAuthor Commented:
Answers were fairly sparse, leaving me to interpret data supplied and no mention was made of connecting to AWS VPC which leaves me assuming when I was looking for confirmation.

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