Allow external web server to send mail through internal Exchange Server

We are using Exchange 2003.

Our web server sends auto emails for user registration and order confirmation from our website. Our company domain is and we wish to send emails from the web server from orders@xyz,com and  However, the web server is outside the domain.  Currently we can emails send fine but all too often these emails get killed by spam filters becuase our web server is not on the domain.

Is it possibe to get exchange to allow our web server to relay through the exchange server so that emails from originate from the actual domain?

If it is posible, how do we configure this?

Thanks in advance

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supportsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can allow relay by adding the ip address of the web server in the default smtp vitrual server properties
click access tab
click relay
add the ip
this should resolve
WingYipAuthor Commented:
we tried that and it didnt work.  Wondering if there is a problem sending mail from external with the domain
if the emails are being killed by spam filters, i guess u have to configure filter.... cause if the issue wud have been with exchange u wud have received errors
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WingYipAuthor Commented:
Teh emails sent from the web server which is not on the domain get killed by spam filters but we are not sending them via the exchange server at the moment.  

We want to know how to configure the exchange server to accept and relay emails from our web server.
We have tried adding our web servier ip to the relay list on the default smtp server but this did not seem to work.  Certainly no emails were relayed. Are we missing something.

Sounds like you have the relay correct.

Also whitelist the IP address of your external web server in your exchange spamfilter, to avoid the spam filter to consider these mails as spam
WingYipAuthor Commented:
This is sorted we were wrongly adding a secondary ip on the web server rather than the main server ip.

Thanks for hellp people

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