No input from keyboard when connected to the cisco switch using Hyper terminal

I connected the cisco switch to the pc using the Hyper terminal, i can see the switch boot up process, but i cannot enter any input using the keyboard
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luc_royConnect With a Mentor System AdminCommented:
Solution 1:-

Try unplugging the cables that go the router interfaces and see if that
helps... Recently we had a problem with a bad NIC on one of the PC's which was sending a lot of error packets... No console activity, but as soon as we unplugged the fast Ethernet cable, we were able to logon to the router and on checking the interface, found input errors in the range of millions. Check that out, and if the router is modular, try removing the modules one by one.

Solution 2:-

The solution 1 doesn’t solve the problem. The problem was rather simple. It was found that NUM lock keystroke of the keyboard was on. Just make that key off and it solved the problem. Sometimes the solution is much simpler.
i don't like to work with HT too much putty does it better for me and it's free 
network16Author Commented:
Thank you
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