Add port 139 as default for shared smb connections in Snow Leopard?


I have a windows server 2008 with some shares. My clients are snow leopard. When connecting the authentication is very slow (+- 20 seconds). I discovered in this thread that adding the default smb port number 139 solves this issue.


However, the default shared list in Finder does not have a port number added (smb://server). So connecting in a Finder window is still slow. The only way for me connecting fast is to go to the Finder menu > Go > Connect with server, and add the port number 139 (smb://server:139).

Is there a way that Snow Leopard adds automatically port 139 to the smb shares he finds? Thanks in advance
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Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Have you tried adding dns_fallback = no to /Library/Preferences/ as shown below ?

default_realm = foo.local
dns_fallback = no

Its apparently due to OSX waiting for DNS queries it never receives.... might be worth a try on a test machine. You also might not have any config in this file, if not just add the items to the file.

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Johan85Author Commented:
Yes, I tried that, it has no improvement.
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Well in answer to your question about, that i know of, there is no way to force port 139 for SMB shares, this has been noted to help some users who are experiencing the problem

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0

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Johan85Author Commented:
Also tried that one. Not a solution.
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
In that case until apple release a solution I think you're stuck. We've tried the available workarounds with no effect.
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
In that case until apple release a solution I think you're stuck. We've tried the available workarounds with no effect.

I know it's obvious but you should try the latest fixes, although many users report that the SMB slow Login problem has not been fixed yet Release notes of Snow Leopard updates 10.6.3 and 10.6.4 report fixes related to SMB.

10.6.3 <> :
File Services fixes provided for:
- an issue that could prevent saving files from Microsoft Office 2008 to an SMB server volume.
- issues copying, renaming or deleting files on an SMB server volume.
- clear-text authentication to an SMB file server.

10.6.4 <>
General Fixes and Improvements
addresses issues copying, renaming, or deleting files on SMB file servers

I have found this site very useful website for Mac-Win integration:

Good luck
Johan85Author Commented:
Was not a solution.
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