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Hi all!

If a Domino server is down and there are missed scheduled agent(s), does the Domino Server run them when the server is started?
For exemple my agent run daily at 3:30 , but today the server was down at this time, the server has been re-started  at 4:04, I notice in my agent's log that it didn't run today.
Is there a special configuration that allow this?

Emmanuel GleizerAsked:
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mbonaciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's no such feature (for server down).
This is from Designer help:

Agents that miss their scheduled run
If a scheduled agent is edited (for example, enabled, modified, saved, or pasted), it will usually run immediately if it has missed its scheduled run. This is true for agents scheduled monthly and weekly. It is partially true for agents scheduled daily.

If a agent scheduled to run daily misses its scheduled run because it was disabled, it will run if it is enabled within half an hour of the scheduled run. However, If a scheduled agent is saved, pasted, or modified, it will run immediately if it has missed its schedule.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Good to know that my agents don't have that problem: I usually have only one, it runs every hour and does only what has to be done, so the once per day stuff is given a 2nd or even a 3rd chance.
Emmanuel GleizerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the workaround of saving the agent, the main problem is to remember that after downtime we should "Scan" All Dbs for scheduled Agents and run them manually.
Too bad that there isn't a sh sched missed.
sjef: Some of my agents import data from files, some connect by FTP to get update from 1/3 partner, some consolidate stats, some generate hugh reports, I can't shedule them every hours! Even if my case the  "quand c'est pas l'heure c'est plus l'heure" adage is wrong (I mean I can run them later).
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Of course you can start agents every hour!
1. My agent starts, opens a profile document, checks what has to be done this time, runs the chores it has to do at that time, updates the profile document with the current date/time for this function, and ends.
2. I hope you know there are ways to start only a small agent and then you can load all other functions dynamically, in runtime.
If you're familiar with LotusScript, you can develop a new agent that will:

 - run on each of your servers
 - will be triggered by the server startup (trigger: "When server starts" - this option is available from v8, but can be set-up in earlier versions - see bellow)
 - cycle through all server's databases using NotesDbDirectory class
 - get all agents in each db using Agents property in NotesDatabase
 - narrow the agents set to only scheduled agents (Trigger and IsEnabled properties in NotesAgent)
 - check their schedule (using Lotus API code from open source project SuperNTF on
 - compare the last run time against their schedule (LastRun property in NotesAgent)
 - run all of the agents that your code decide needs to run (RunOnServer method in NotesAgent)

How to trigger an agent on server startup before Domino Designer v8:

NotesDbDirectory class:

Agents property in NotesDatabase:

LastRun Property in NotesAgent:

Trigger property in NotesAgent:

IsEnabled property in NotesAgent:


RunOnServer method in NotesAgent:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Good stuff, ha :)
Emmanuel GleizerAuthor Commented:
wow! I totally zapped the "When server starts" trigger, thanks!
I love your skeleton! I'm not sure to persuade my boss to get the time to implement this, but I agree with you that we have "all what's needed" to re run automatically the missed scheduled agent!
GREAT POST mbonaci,
Emmanuel Gleizer
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