Citrix Receiver issues

I have just set up the Access Gateway Standard Edition in order to to access our XenApp server via Citrix Receiver.
My set up is as follows:

Access Gateway (free license) Standard Edition
WI 5.2
XenApp 4.5

PNAgent Site /citrix1/PNAgent
Gateway Direct

STA on WI and Access Gateway are the same
2 source authentication (RSA and LDAP)

All looks good but when I login I get the 'There are no Apps available at this time' error.
The logs on the CAG say the user has logged in but the there is an error

 :http_socket.c:900:SESSINFO:23::http_socketempty header recved:'

I appear to reach the WI but the logs aren't really indicating where the problem lies....

I can browse to the config.xml through Safari or IE - so my authentication appears to be working.  I have also copied the root cert to the WI server to be sure

any ideas? I've been struggling with this for a while now.

I did have it all working fine with WI and SG but this doesn't allow for RSA authentication so hence the reason I'm using CAG..

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ShepweddConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Finally resolved it.
Can you check if this gives you some clue?
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