What is the best php/mysql Debugger to use DGB or Xdebug

I am working with several apps.  Some are sitting on a server the runs php4.3.1 and another has a few that run php5.  Which debugger tool is best  and why, particularly for the php/mysql code that is running on the 4.3.1.  that one has the most applications on it and has the most trouble
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Vimal DMConnect With a Mentor Senior Software EngineerCommented:

I feel and searched too,that the "Xdebug" will be the good debugger to use for the PHP error reporting things.

Actually which one is best is not so important.They are doing same thing and when i need debug im using php's error reporting tool.And when im checking performance i using DBG profiler tool and looking where is the bottleneck.

So which one is the best its not important they are doing same thing.Which one ise relax for you use it.
justmelatAuthor Commented:
The problem is not so much the debugger but the associated IDE for remote debugging.  I have tried Nusphere, phped, phpedit.  Neither seems to work.
justmelatAuthor Commented:
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