How do I block access to on our Windows SBS 2008 and all users computer?

Need to block all access to on our corporate network.  We have Windows Small Business Server 2008 and all users have XP computers
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GSXR1KConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your company use a Firewall?  Just add a rule in your firewall that blocks any TCP connections to *
Easiest way is to block access to the website either using a hosts file which points to (localhost) on each individual client machine or block access at the router.
Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
Faster then editing all host files, is setup a new domain on your server called and just leaving all entrys blank. This will stop all DNS lookups via the machines.

This will fail if your users can edit TCP connections, but will usualy mean they have admin rights so they can edit the host file too.

The firewall is the safest way to sort it.
Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
Sorry, I ment to say "new domain in your DNS Server".
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