Canon ImageRunner will not scan to email.

Looking for any suggestions on this one.  Company Canon ImageRunner C3480 trying to setup to send scan to email.  LDAP appears to be working fine (I make that assumption because I can search for people in the directory successfully) but (again, another assumption) that things fail with SMTP.  As soon as the scan finishes, it makes an attempt to send the scan as an email, and always fails.  No specific error messages, no logging that I can find ( another assumption - is logging even possible on this model Canon?).  I've tried modifying the SMTP account being used without success.  I do notice something interesting - in the setup, there isn't anything that appears to point to the actual SMTP server that populating makes any difference.

Any help, or any more information needed?  Happy to provide whatever you need.

Microsoft Environment, of course.
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stonenajemConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
You know, I hate it when I actually answer my own questions, but at least I get to post the solution first!  Anyway, here's the problem; if you don't have any requirement for SMTP authentication, LEAVE THAT SECTION BLANK.

Then, as if there's any logical reason for it, make something up that's NOT a valid email address within your domain, and use that as the return address for the printer.


You may want to make sure the smtp server is accepting connection from the copier.  By default the smtp server may not running or limited.  
So, that last bit... you're saying you don't see the SMTP server setting?
Make sure your DNS is setup correctly.Since LDAP is working I would say YES. Unless you entered an IP.

This below link shows the SMTP setup screen on page 81. We use an alias for our mail server so we can change easily in the future. something like email.myCo.local which is actually MailServe1.myCo.local
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stonenajemAuthor Commented:
The SMTP server is group of exchange servers in a cluster.  It appears to be working well.
And also, does your server require an SMTP login...? You may not need to enter an account for SMTP.
It can be locked down by IP if needed on the Exchange side.
stonenajemAuthor Commented:
I do see an SMTP server setting.  Inside it, I've tried the FQN for the server [] as well as the IP address, but either setting doesn't fix the problem. The server name does resolve nicely to the IP address and - of course - visa versa.

DNS is setup correctly, and I concur, since LDAP is working (and correctly registered) I concur that we can clear DNS from the possible problem list.  If there's a way to ping from the server (assuming there is, I'm not sure if it exists or not) I could try that as well to be sure.

Also, our server does require sometime of SMTP login I'm assuming, since that's the case on the other printers we have which are working.  This is a canon.  I have a xerox with almost the exact same settings working fine.

IP may indeed be an issue, but I'm not even remotely sure which port would need to be opened.  It wouldn't be port 25, since the printer isn't acting like a mail server itself, and of course, port 389 must already be opened because LDAP is working.

stonenajemAuthor Commented:
@Fdiskwizard - sorry, but all I see is the entire PDF file, no specific page.
BTW: We had one scanner that would not send email, or very sporardic. I think it turned out to be a duplex conflict at that office.

Anyway, on the same subnet as the scanner can you try to telnet to the mail server on port 25?
> TELNET myserver 25
You should get a line or two at the top of the screen IF you connect.

There is also a nice utility called BMAIL I use for testing SMTP email sending.
Try it out. No install needed. Completely portable.
C:\> bmail -s MyServer -t -f -b "This is a test" -h -a "This is the subject"

Dowload link is about 1/2 way down the page:

as for the PDF, just search within it for SMTP. It's like the 2nd hit.
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