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I am trying to start the Server #publishing Infrastructure in the Site Collection Features but I am getting the error below:

Failed to instantiate file "ContentQueryMain.xsl" from module "XSLStyleSheets": The specified list does not exist.

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Date and Time: 01/09/2010 19:44:02


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melli111Connect With a Mentor SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
The error he's getting states that it's trying to "instantiate file "ContentQueryMain.xsl"" from the library ....the library needs the files.  Which running the .cmd files should create these.
melli111SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
From this link here:  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepoint2010general/thread/0e7d0e52-c798-4d4d-a552-505e362c7b6a#0e7d0e52-c798-4d4d-a552-505e362c7b6a
First, please go to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\PublishingResources, check whether the contentquerymain.xsl existed.
Second, open your SharePoint site, click all site content, then click style library, then click XSL style sheets, make sure contentquerymain.xsl exists.
If the contentquerymain.xsl file doesn’t exist, try to run setup to repair the files that are needed for the specified product. Running Setup in repair mode only affects the program files and does not repair your server configuration or any sites.
For more information about how to run setup with repair, please refer to the following article:
Setup command-line reference (SharePoint Server 2010)
ictmanAuthor Commented:
I have tried the above but to no avail. It does not bring the style library back.
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melli111SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
Have you tried using stsadm to deactivate the feature, then uninstall the feature, then install the feature, then activate?
ictmanAuthor Commented:
How would i do that ?
melli111SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
First open up the Deactivate and the Activate file and change the %sitecollection% to the name of your site collection.
Then change the file extension to .cmd
Put these on your sharepoint server and run them using the sharepoint system account logon.
Run them in the following order (important):
  1. PublishingResourcesDeactivateFeature
  2. PublishingResourcesUninstallFeature
  3. PublishingResourcesInstallFeature
  4. PublishingResourcesActivateFeature
There is no need to reactivate features.

The actual reason is: someone removed 'Style Library' library. Please recreate it with original name. This is a regular library:

- go to the site actions
- choose 'New Document Library'
- enter "Style Library"
- confirm

Publishing Infrastructure should activate without problems.
ictmanAuthor Commented:
I have still got the same error Do i need to add any files into the newly created Style Library?

Library does not need to have any files. Make sure that you created valid library in the root site (go to the "View All Site Content" and post screenshot).
ictmanAuthor Commented:
Please see attached.
ictmanAuthor Commented:
Sorry i dont understand running the .cmd files

Where do i find them?
PstryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two possibilities:

- you did not add the library to the root web (it exists in some subweb)
- make sure that url of this library is "Style Library" (NOT e.g. "StyleLibrary" or "Style Library1")

The second one is very likely. If so - use SharePoint Designer to change the URL of the library (no way to do it from UI). It may exist folder named "Style Library" - remove it first (ensure its empty).
melli111SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
They are the .txt files I attached to the message above from 09/02/10.  When you download them follow the instructions in that posting.  Changing the file extension to .cmd instead of .txt will make them .cmd files (ee doesn't allow attaching .cmd files - that's why I had to attach them that way).  
ictmanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much there was a folder named Style Library deleted that then re-created the document library and imported that .xls file

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