WordPerfect to Word - Can I convert a macro from WordPerfect to Word.

I have a client that has several macros in WordPerfect and would like to convert them to Word 2007.  Is this possible?
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pcchiuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
nope as Word handle the command differently, for example just the file->open the command is totally different between word and wp , and you can count how many command per each macro...  If it's old word macro to word 2007 it's possible...

There's no automatic macro conversion between WP and word...  Normally they've to recreate all macro for Word 2007.
mtcneAuthor Commented:
I was thinking the macros were created in Visual Basics and that I could copy and paste.  Is that possible?
mtcneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clarity.
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